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Video On Demand That You Can Keep

All of the videos in this section are free to download because they are either in the public domain or otherwise released for personal and public viewing. These videos may be freely downloaded and played on any device or operating system you choose without need for licensing or payment. You may also freely burn them to DVD or other media if you have the appropriate video authoring software.

Please note that the IFX Group does not host the video files contained in these lists because of the high bandwidth demands. If you have problems downloading, try installing a good quality download manager.

May Video Selections

1: Sappy Birthday (1935)

64Kb MPEG4 (18 MB)
Cinepack (39 MB)
256Kb MPEG4 (42 MB)
(How to download)

Comedy with Andy Clyde. This was a short subject at theaters. Andy Clyde was a favorite of movie fans in the 1920's,1930's and 1940's even before he became 'California Carlson' a comedy sidekick to Hopalong Cassidy.

Producer: Del Lord
Audio/Visual: sound, Black and White
Length: 16 minutes

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2: Winterset (1936)

64Kb MPEG4 (83 MB)
256Kb MPEG4 (195 MB)
DivX (724 MB)
(How to download)

Years after the execution of his father, a young man convinced of his innocence searches for evidence to prove it.

Director: Alfred Santell
Production Company: RKO Radio Pictures
Audio/Visual: sound, black and white
Length: 77 minutes

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3: Phantom Planet (1961)

MPEG4 (801 MB)
(How to download)

After an invisible asteroid draws an astronaut and his ship to its surface, he is miniaturized by the phantom planet's exotic atmosphere.

Director: William Marshall
Producer: Fred Gebhardt
Audio/Visual: sound, black and white
Length: 1 hour, 22 minutes

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Hint for Downloading Large Files

These files can be very large and take a long time to download even if you have a fast connection because the server load can be very high. For this reason we strongly suggest using a file download manager like the DownThemAll Firefox add-on.

The DownThemAll add-on has the ability to queue many files for transfer at a later time when bandwidth is more likely to be available and it can optionally request different parts of each file simultaneously to shorten the total transfer time.

This list is a small representation out of a very large selection of video content available on the archive.org web site. Please let us know if we missed one of your favorites.

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