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IFX Group 1988 Web Log

1988 Blog Entries
  1. Welcome! (April)
  2. Growing Strong. (May)
  3. More Lines. (June)
  4. Growing Without Fear. (July)
  5. New, Improved, Smaller. (August)
  6. Pizza Party! (September)
  7. Tell Me. (October)
  8. Bring Your Friends. (November)
  9. Happy Holidays. (December)

April, 1988 - Welcome!

It is official. Our new name is IFX Group to better describe the creativity of our members. We hope to hear from all of our friends and fans as we boldly go into the future. Our dedicated group of members have spent the last 48 hours working around the clock to get ready for our big debut. We all hope you appreciate the effort invested so far.

Who will care about all this in an hundred years?


May, 1988 - Growing Strong.

Our first month has proven to be a great success. New members are discovering our service every day. We are spending many hours populating the different areas of our online service. The file areas are growing and will soon have utilities available for nearly every kind of application. If you don't see something you need, please let us know.


June, 1988 - More Lines.

We have added another phone line to our hunt group. This new line is using one of the most compatible US Robotics modems available providing connections from virtually any brand or speed of modem you may have. So far we have only found two brands of modems with small issues. We are providing special modem initialization strings for anyone needing help getting their modem to work with public online services.


July, 1988 - Growing Without Fear.

What would you do if you knew failure was impossible? We are constantly improving our service with our collective vision on being the best online service possible. We think it is amazing how many people are joining to help too. Thank you all!


August, 1988 - New, Improved, Smaller.

All of the files in all of our file areas have been freshly scanned for virus infections and repackaged with the latest PKARC to provide the best compression and fastest download possible. Please help us keep our file areas clean by scanning all of your files before you upload.


September, 1988 - Pizza Party!

Our first user group pizza party is scheduled for the 20th of September. The IFX Group will be paying for the pizza, all you need to bring is your invitation, available for download in the news area, and a smile. This is your chance to put a face with all of those names you have seen online.


October, 1988 - Tell Me.

Tell me a fact, and I'll learn. Tell me a truth, and I'll believe. But tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever.


November, 1988 - Bring Your Friends.

There are a lot of people talking to their friends and telling them how much the IFX Group has to offer. We really appreciate all of your help and want to make a special offer. Tell a friend and when they join, you will get credit for a free month on your account. There is no limit to the number of free months you can earn! Tell all your friends.


December, 1988 - Happy Holidays.

The IFX Group wishes all of our customers and loyal supporters the best and happiest holiday season. Thank you for making the IFX Group an instant success.