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IFX Group 1989 Web Log

1989 Blog Entries
  1. Welcome Back. (January)
  2. Software Update. (February)
  3. TBBS is The Bread Board System. (March)
  4. Birthday Celebration. (April)
  5. 100,000 Call Milestone! (May)
  6. Growth, Again. (June)
  7. The Move. (July)
  8. TDBS is The Data Base System. (August)
  9. Stay tuned. (September)
  10. See it from our side. (October)
  11. Growing. (November)
  12. Happy Holidays. (December)

January, 1989 - Welcome Back.

Welcome back from the long holiday break. We spent our holiday vacation packaging up all of our file areas and doing a bulk file trade with another very large BBS in California. This brings our total number of files to something over 300,000! We are still sorting through new pictures that were sent as part of the trade. These will be added as soon as we can put them into categories. If you want to stop by our office and help us out, we could sure use your help.


February, 1989 - Software Update.

If you give someone a program, you will frustrate them for a day. If you teach someone to program, you will frustrate them for a lifetime. We have been working on updating the software that runs this online service and doing a little custom programming to help make the transmission smoother. This is a lot of work, and we believe it will be worth the effort. Please let us know what you think of the new areas and features by spending a few minutes exploring the new menu options.


March, 1989 - TBBS is The Bread Board System.

The move to our new software has gone well and our file base is growing at an amazing rate. We are adding new users at an amazing rate and we thank all of you for telling your friends how much you like the IFX Group. The more you advertise for us, the less we need to spend on promoting our service and the more we can invest in making this the most useful place for everyone.


April, 1989 - Birthday Celebration.

The IFX Group is one year old this month. We are opening all of our file areas and online games for free access all month long as our way of thanking you for making us one of the most popular online services in town.


May, 1989 - 100,000 Call Milestone!

This month we are offering a brand new genuine Hayes 2400 baud modem as a prize to our One hundred-thousandth caller. More information and details on this amazing event is found in the news area.


June, 1989 - Growth, Again.

The IFX Group is expanding again. We have added more phone lines and expanded our software to support double the number of callers. Many thanks go out to those dedicated members for their support as we grow to meet your needs.


July, 1989 - The Move.

The IFX Group is relocating to Greenville, South Carolina and joining forces with Professional Data Systems to offer the highest quality hardware for professional computer users at the absolute best prices. Professional Data Systems has already built a very impressive track record for personal computer hardware that is compatible with the latest standards and uses hand selected components to build exactly the computer for you. A full catalog and online order system is available in the Products area. Check out what we can do for you.


August, 1989 - TDBS is The Data Base System.

A ship is always safest in the harbor, but that is not what ships are made for. We have some good news. We have just added a new expansion language to our system that allows writing some amazing new software. Look for our new and exclusive online games and custom software.


September, 1989 - Stay tuned.

Most people take air and sex for granted until they don't get enough. We have been very busy for the past month working on new secret projects and expansions. Keep watching the game section for hints and previews.


October, 1989 - See it from our side.

How can you measure the difference between love and passion? It looks like our brand new game, Virtual Sysop, is an instant success. We have many hundreds of hours invested in creating a realistic simulation of what life is like on this side of the BBS wire. Your response is overwhelmingly positive and that sparks us to keep working to expand it even more. Thank you for all your feedback.


November, 1989 - Growing.

How can you measure the difference between your years and your age? The online game area has been expanded again with more exclusive games and entertainment choices only available from the IFX Group! We are listing to all of your suggestions and putting them directly into practice. Keep both your complaints and comments heading our way. We are listing.


December, 1989 - Happy Holidays.

How can you measure the difference between living and being alive? This has been a banner year for new software development. We are very pleased to offer a special holiday surprise for all of our members. Check your mailbox for notification in the next few days.