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May, 2014 - Words vs. Communication.

Learning how to write is much easier than learning how to communicate effectively because writing alone does not care if or how the words are received. Great writers throughout the ages are admired by readers primarily for their ability to craft thought and emotion into words but words are not always the goal. Ask experienced writers about the most important part of their work and you may be surprised to find it is less about the words and more about communication. Communication starts when the writer cares how their meaning is received. Sometimes this requires rewriting, rephrasing, and refining the words many times in different ways to get the real message across to someone which is even harder if they have a different background or different frame of reference. This is the foundation for better writing. How does this help you?

There are two sides to all communication. The first is the ability to effectively express thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way. The second, and probably more important, is the ability to hear and comprehend what others express. Words have no value without a reader or listener that can hear the meaning carried by the words. Unfortunately there is no such thing as perfect communication. Even in the electronic world communication errors are so likely that often layers of protocols are needed to catch errors before they cause problems. If it is impossible for two computers to perfectly communicate with each other without error checking, what hope is there for humans that need to communicate with other humans using words with flexible meanings?

It is rare for a word to have just a single well defined, well known, and well understood meaning because each word can hold different things depending on context, inflection, and tone. This may be why effective communication in a relationship is a constant challenge and requires so much effort. Every relationship naturally has spots where communication is weak or prone to errors. It takes time and effort to identify the weak areas and work through or around them. Some attempt to overcome miscommunication with a combination of repetition, loudness, or higher pitch but often this only makes things worse when the actual problem is less about the words and more about the context and interpretation each person brings to the conversation.

It is important to look at both the writer and reader, the speaker and listener when considering how to overcome communication errors and improve effectiveness. Ineffective or inaccurate expression is just as bad as not listening or listening and missing the meaning. It starts with a writer caring how someone else receives their words and ends with someone hearing the real thoughts and feelings in the words.

In your relationship do you care how your words are received? How are you receiving the words of your partner?

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