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IFX Group Contact List

Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know what you like or don't like about our service, our products or even this site. We will do our best to help.

Suggestions with contributions are always most welcome.

NOTICE: The email addresses on this page are hidden to limit harvesting by spam bots. Even though we have excellent spam fighting ability in our IPAD-OS email server, sometimes the spam volume can create a large enough load to clog our connection for a while. It is very sad that spammers are pushing so hard for the quick buck that we are forced to resort to these cloaking methods. Until we find a safe way to handle these abusive network citizens, please use the web form links below to send your message.

  • Abuse
    - Any mail system abuse reporting. Please read the SPF notice below.
  • Admin
    - Any IFX Group administrative questions or issues.
  • honeypot@ifxgroup.net
    - Spam honey pot. Do not use. Servers sending mail to this address are automatically blacklisted. This is one of many cool features included in our IPAD-OS mail server.
  • Legal
    - Main legal department contact.
  • Privacy Officer
    - Officer in charge of web site privacy policy compliance.
  • Sales
    - The main sales department automatic distribution server. An individual salesperson will be assigned to answer all of your questions about IFX Group products and services.
  • Tech Support
    - Free access to low priority support for any of our products. Paid customers always receive highest priority support.
  • Visual Design
    - Visual and graphic design team.
  • Web Team
    - Anything related to our electronic presence.

SPF All email from the IFX Group domain is protected using SPF. If you receive spam or a virus that claims to be from the IFX Group domain, consider upgrading your mail server to check for SPF records. This will also help prevent virus and spam mail falsely using other SPF-protected domains from reaching your mailbox. At the very least, you should be publishing your own SPF policy to tell others the mail servers that are allowed to send mail from your domain.

Be sure to include a description of your problem in the actual message text, even when you are attaching files to that message. Simply including a README.DOC with those attached files, and excluding the description from your message, will cause a delay in response by technical staff, as the problem cannot be properly categorized by reading the message alone. Thank you for helping us serve you better.

This is your legal notice that all uninvited or automated data contained, embedded or attached in any email you send to the IFX Group becomes public domain and free for anyone to use any time, anywhere and in any way without restriction or limitation in any form. By sending uninvited attached or embedded data with or in your email, you acknowledge and signify the release of rights and your authority to do so. All burden (legal, financial, etc.) for misuse or abuse of any rights is the sole responsibility of the sender.

In accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, you are strictly prohibited from gathering or harvesting any email address found anywhere on this site.

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