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The IFX Group Information Page

The IFX Group information page started out as an easy place to put almost anything our members have written to help our friends and customers. It has grown to the point that we have been forced to break this area up into smaller and easier to manage sections. Please choose from the following list of sections.

Quick Links

  • Technical Notes
    A growing collection of short notes on many different topics.
    Information specific to the Internet Protocol Adapter operating system (IPAD-OS).
  • Linux
    Information about using Linux including our favorite Linux Mint.
  • Web
    Information for web developers.

General Information

We are always looking for questions that our friends and customers have on just about any topic. Officially, your questions are the fuel that drives us to expand our information offering. Unofficially, without your questions it is much more difficult for us to guess what you need to know. Whatever your question, please ask.