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The IFX Group Web Information Page

The information in this section is presented without any warranty. We have gathered or created this information mostly for our own use, but we are happy if it can also help you.

If you are developing and testing web pages with only the Internet Explorer web browser, you are doing things the hard way. The Firefox web browser has many very powerful add-on tools that are specifically designed to make web development and testing much easier.

  • Our Favorite Firefox Extensions
    If you use the Firefox web browser you should also check out our list of extensions (add-ons) that we think makes the Firefox web browser even better.
  • The Lorem Ipsum Story
    The name Lorem Ipsum comes from the first two words in the placeholder or dummy text most commonly used by the printing and typesetting industries. The earliest known use of placeholder or dummy text comes from the 1500s when, according to legend, an unknown printer took a galley (long metal tray) of movable lead type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. The use of placeholder text has survived not only five centuries but also the leap into electronic typesetting.
  • Web Page Cleaning
    Do you want your web site to be more available to search engines?
  • Using LibreOffice for Automated Web to PDF Creation
    Several of our web projects over the years have required some complex automation tasks. Most of those tasks can be addressed with a specialized combination of programs or scripts, but one task stands out from the rest and that is an automated way to turn a web page into a PDF. This task requires two different parts that rarely appear in the same place.
  • Font Samples For Web Pages
    We are often asked for a complete list of fonts that are available on all customer web browsers (PC, Mac and Linux). Here are some samples you can view in your web browser.
  • How To Host Video On Your IPAD-OS Web Server
    Providing video content on the web that is compatible with every client is a moving target. There are a number of formats available, each with their own abilities and weaknesses. Knowing the target audience is the best place to start.
  • HTML Character Codes
    A list of HTML character codes and their quoted forms for use in web pages.
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Colors For Web Pages
    There are three ways to specify color in Cascading Style Sheets. Color names, 3 digit (short) hexadecimal and 6 digit (long) hexadecimal. This page shows samples of the named colors with their matching hexadecimal values.
  • Rules of the Web Game
    Good web design does not come in a box and does not happen by accident. It is a game with rules. Players that follow the rules are much more likely to win than those that don't. Here is a list of simple rules with an easy way to tell the if a web designer knows the rules or not.
  • Winning At Search Engine Optimization
    Do you want better search engine placement? Do you want to attract more new customers? Do you want to keep your existing customers coming back? These all require a web site that is informative and useful. But is that enough?
  • How To Make A Web Page From Scratch
    Is HTML a foreign language? How do you make a web page? Do you need a GUI (graphical user interface) front end? What should I learn?
  • Graceful Degradation Web Design
    Designing a web page is simple. Making it look good is a little harder. Making it look good on every web browser is very hard. This is where the concept of Graceful Degradation comes into the picture.
  • Web Designer Tips For Our Competition
    Helpful hints for amateur and professional web designers to make larger, slower and less accessible web sites.
  • Web Tricks And How To Spot Them
    How do you read the different parts of a URL to know if someone is trying to trick you?
  • Pantone Matching System Color Chart
    The Pantone® Matching System (PMS) is most often used by the printing industry to measure and ensure color matching between the color you choose and the ...

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